Here are the COVID-19 headlines even Drudge (never mind the MSM) will NOT report:

The FEAR MEDIA is pushing one narrative -- gloom, despair and agony on us. So here's our "CounterDrudge," the stories and headlines even Drudge won't report. (Note: we suggest using Google Chrome browser with auto translation for non-English sourced stories.)


May 6


May 4

May 2

  • The Data is in: Lockdowns DON'T WORK
      • study
  • MORE STUDIES: COVID less deadly

    • FAIL: "historically high levels of morbidity and mortality from COVID-19 is due to a single factor: the widespread and inappropriate reluctance amongst intensivists to employ anti-inflammatory and anticoagulant treatments"
    • FAIL: "It is essential to recognize that it is not the virus that is killing the patient, rather it is the patient’s overactive immune system. The flames of the “cytokine fire” are out of control and need to be extinguished."
    • FAIL: "Providing supportive care (with ventilators that themselves stoke the fire) and waiting for the cytokine fire to burn itself out simply does not work… this approach has FAILED and has led to the death of tens of thousands of patients."
    • document
  • Health mitigations to stop COVID
      • Vitamin C 500 mg BID and? Quercetin 250-500 mg BID
      • Zinc 75-100 mg/day (acetate, gluconate or picolinate). Zinc lozenges are preferred. After 1-2 months, reduce the dose to 30-50 mg/day
      • Melatonin (slow release): Begin with 0.3mg and increase as tolerated to 1-2 mg at night
      • Vitamin D3 1000-4000 u/day (optimal dose unknown).
  • UNCONFIRMED -- Patients who take HCQ for lupus don't get COVID
    (note: this has been removed from most internet sites. We are providing links here for reference)
      • "Furthermore, Chiusolo told the Post, the Italian Society of Rheumatology interviewed 1,200 rheumatologists throughout Italy to collect statistics on contagions. Out of an audience of 65,000 chronic lupus and rheumatoid arthritis patients who systematically take hydroxychloroquine, only 20 patients tested positive for the virus."
    • And this for children: 'For children (0-17 years), COVID-19 hospitalization rates are much lower than influenza hospitalization rates during recent influenza seasons."
  • What about kids?
  • COVID "1984"
  • Free America NOW! -- new GF Facebook Page

April 28


April 27

  • Shutdown is creating U.S. health emergency
  • More testing
      •   •
  • From across the pond...
  • after people protest, 20+% unemployment
  • Economic Armageddon
  • COVID "1984"

April 24

  • New tests show reduced COVID risk!

    • "All identified outbreaks of three or more cases occurred in an indoor environment, which confirms that sharing indoor space is a major SARS-CoV-2 infection risk."
    • DHS Study: COVID struggles against higher temperatures, light, higher humidity (i.e. summer)
      killed within 2 minutes on surfaces, 1.5 seconds in air in warm climates

April 23

  • More Evidence the lockdowns DON'T WORK. So let's stop them NOW!
    • (OK, we DONT' think this is a good idea, but ...)
  • Economic Armageddon
    • more
  • Shock (not): your health is the biggest risk factor with COVID
  • COVID "1984"

April 22

  • (video)

April 21

  • Brit Hume: Shutdown may be "Colossal Public Policy Calamity"
  • CDC data confirms deaths OVERWHELMINGLY in older population, just .12% under 25
  • NEW -- Grassfire summary of best recent testing results
    • : "The fact that an infected child did not transmit the disease despite close interactions within schools suggests potential different transmission dynamics in children."
  •  COVID-"1984"
  • Birx NERVOUSLY AVOIDS question on results of antibody studies:

April 20

  • Facebook BLOCKING shutdown protest pages!

  • New Santa Clara CA antibody test a GAME CHANGER!
    • Dr. Jay Bhattacharya detailed interview:

  • , fatality rate of .3%
  • Lockdown information
  • COVID "1984"
  • Dr. David Katz (Yale) . Video:

April 16

  • FOX News: COVID-19 originated in the Wuhan Lab:

April 15

    • Just 14% tested positive in a closed environment of primarily older people
    • Asymptomatic cases on Diamond Princess were NEARLY 50% of the total
  • COVID "1984"
  • Economic Armageddon 
      • Can't get thru the WSJ paywall?
    • (And we used to think Obama's $1T deficits were huuuuuge)
    • (but this is happening during peacetime and prosperity)
  • Finally, we'd like to welcome Tucker Carlson to the COVID DARK WEB!
    • Yesterday, FOXNews' Tucker Carlson "reported" on stuff we've been reporting on for weeks, namely that the actual COVID fatality rate is likely far lower than we've been told(sold) due to the likelihood of a large number of asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic folks who already had the disease. No duh, Tucker! Maybe you should have known this a month ago when you personally visited President Trump to convince him to lock down the country. But we're not bitter. So to help Tucker out, here are some headlines he can cover in the coming weeks:
      • This is NOT a general population pandemic
      • They are rigging the death numbers to show more COVID deaths
      • Lockdowns don't work. The R-naught rate was already declining before lockdowns, and lockdowns didn't improve things.
      • "nosocomial." Look it up. It's the key to understanding this whole thing.
      • It's probably not a coincidence that two China labs experimenting with "rat coronaviruses" were right next to that market
      • There are no "non-essential" businesses; only central planning statists think that way
      • We need antibody testing, not more testing
    • Anyways, :

April 14

  • MORE EVIDENCE lower fatality rate
      • Actual study: ;
  • Economic Ramifications
    • Hospital furloughs
  • COVID-"1984"
  • CBS Paula Reid tries to challenge President Trump:

April 13

  • Fauci Turns on the President?
    • (transcript )

  • COVID-1984 Updates
    • : "If someone you had coffee with two days ago tests positive for the coronavirus, you would get a notification"
    • ; wants
    • , also
  • More on infection mortality rate MUCH LOWER than we've been told/sold
    • : COVID death risk rates correspond to regular death risk rates
  • !
  • Nursing homes a MAIN VECTOR of transmission and death
    • (just .5% of population)
  • Feardemic/Lockdown crisis
  • Featured Podcast:

April 10

  • BREAKING: Study estimates COVID-19 fatality rate at .37%
  • CDC encourages FUDGING the COVID numbers?
    • :  "Ideally, testing for COVID–19 should be conducted, but it is acceptable to report COVID–19 on a death certificate without this confirmation if the circumstances are compelling within a reasonable degree of certainty." 
    • :
      • "the rules for coding and selection of the underlying cause of death are expected to result in COVID19 being the underlying cause more often than not."
      • "COVID-19 should be reported on the death certificate for all decedents where the disease caused or is assumed to have caused or contributed to death." (emphasis in original)
  • #COVID-1984 updates:
  • Economic Feardemic:
  • Models are BROKEN!
    • Even in apocalyptic projections, COVID risk same as normal risk of dying in a year (, )
  • HCQ updates:
    • INGRAHAM ANGLE exposes "media jihad" and talks with doctors who say it works:

April 9

  • More on the need for Serosurveys (random surveys)
  • Need to know how many infected in Gen Pop
    • suggesting minimum .8% of gen pop infected, likely much more
  • Economic Apocalypse
  • COVID-1984 Update
    • (will we ever be let out of our homes?)
    • LA town broadcasts "Purge" alarm to enforce curfew:

    • MN state Senator and doctor says govt. saying to do so:

April 8

  • COVID-1984 Police State getting out of control:
    • : curfews, arresting for being in ocean alone and going for a drive; banning non-essential medical services, arrested
    •  (what about Posse Comitatus laws?)
  • Hydroxychloroquine Updates
  • Doctors PUZZLE over COVID and possible different treatments
    • "
  • . Video: "If someone dies with COVID-19 we are counting":

April 7

April 6

  • .
    • If this is confirmed "What the hell are we locking down for?"
  • What? ABC asks Pence if he feels guilty before God for killing people...

April 4-5

  • About those models...
  • Citizen reporters: where is the rush on hospitals?


April 3

  • How bad is the economic crisis this is creating? !
  • NYC Data Confirms COVID targets elderly, those with pre-existing conditions (Grassfire)
    • NYC report key high risk co-morbidities: Diabetes, Lung Disease, Cancer, Immunodeficiency, Heart Disease, Hypertension, Asthma, Kidney Disease or Liver Disease
  • (Watch video )
  • THIS GUY uses public information to connect dots from COVID-19 to research lab:

April 2

  • update on antibody testing
    • Fauci says it's important but... later

April 1


March 31

  • (COVID Act is founded by Democrat activists, based on extreme U.K. Imperial model, and followed by state leaders)
  • U.S. COVID modeling website presents projections SO WIDE they are meaningless
    (For example, projects VA deaths from 267 to 5,338 by July 11... Govts. relying on this BS;

  • Determines if you in the past had COVID; can help measure how many asymptomatic cases
  • Fauci confirms () this will be seasonal (but could it be because of next fall's flu season?)

March 30

  • "; threatens "after action review (ie. endless impeachment)

March 29

  • (hat tip: )
  • (Report from Germany)

  • (14-day increase in TESTS: 3,565%; in CASES: 4,083%)
  • "Once in a century evidence fiasco"; Interview with Stanford University's Dr. John Ioannidis on major gaps in data and the impact:

March 28

  • "Fatality rate may be too high by orders of magnitude" -- Stanford Health Policy experts
  • Fox's Laura Ingraham touches "third rail" of COVID issue, says mortality rate MUCH LOWER than reporting:

March 27

  • Dr. Birx says DEATH PREDICTIONS WILDLY OFF: "The predictions of the models don't match the reality on the ground." Translation: Not enough people are dying to fit the models! So either WAY MORE people have the virus and aren't really affected (which drops the mortality rate to something like seasonal flu), or it's not as "viral" as they thought. (We suspect way more already infected with no or little symptoms.):

  • .
  • (Really? How about a more targeted approach?)

Economic Impact:

March 26

  • (New England Journal Of Medicine)
  •  (Hat tip, )
  • .

March 25

  • (Financial Times)


  • (this post was removed by Medium website and reposted)
  • Dr. Berx points to lower mortality rate: