Police harass mom (video)

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This is shocking...

Two Wisconsin sheriff's deputies verbally harassed  because she was allowing her daughter to go play at a friend's house. "Your daughter is going to play at other people's home and you're allowing it to happen.... Stop having your kid go by other people's home."

香蕉视频app官网iosThen they demanded her name "so we can document" this "because you are violating a state order."

This isn't China... or the former Soviet Union. THIS IS AMERICA! IN THE HEARTLAND! Wisconsin of all places!


+ + A crucial Tipping Point for America...

香蕉视频app官网iosI believe we've reached a crucial tipping point. On one hand, citizens across the country are rising up and saying FREE AMERICA NOW. On the other hand, out-of-control government officials are clamping down even harder -- while the unemployment numbers just pushed past 30 MILLION!

香蕉视频app官网iosWe simply can't sit by silently.

Here's what I'm asking you to do.

+ + Action #1 --

There are dozens of grassroots groups across the country who are taking a stand. We just started a FREE AMERICA NOW Facebook page to rally citizens and serve as a hub of information.

Would you take a moment to LIKE our FREE AMERICA NOW Facebook page and share it with your friends? Go :

+ + Action #2 -- Sign our Free America Now "Get America Working Again" petition

We want to network thousands and then tens of thousands of citizens. If you haven't done so already (thousands have!), click here or on the banner below to sign the national "Get America Working Again!" Petition:

The torch of liberty has been handed to us by prior generations, dating all the way back to the first pioneers who risked their lives to come to these shores and carve out American liberty with their sweat and blood. 

Every generation has had its moment.


Let's stand.

香蕉视频app官网iosLet's be counted.

Let's !

For Liberty,

香蕉视频app官网iosSteve Elliott, Grassfire

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