Here's the growing evidence of tests that show that COVID-19 is not as deadly or dangerous as we've been told/sold

香蕉视频app官网iosDespite the hysteria, Grassfire has maintained from the outset of this crisis that the data revealed that COVID-19 was not as deadly or dangerous to the general population as we have been told/sold. All the evidence indicated that the lethality profile was overwhelmingly focused on those with co-morbidities and the elderly. Also, we argued that the initial reports of 3-4% fatality rate grossly overstated the actual infection fatality rate (IFR) which appeared to be closer to the flu or a pandemic flu season.

香蕉视频app官网iosHere is a summary of the recent studies.

Antibody testing

香蕉视频app官网iosAntibody testing determines whether a person already has had COVID-19. The testing is revealing that COVID-19 is highly infectious (with many more asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic cases than confirmed cases), with a much lower IFR of .12-.37%.

    •   •
  • New York State --

      • 14.9% of state positive; 25% in NY
    • (4/23) 
  • (4/21/20) 
    •  suggesting minimum .8% of gen pop infected, likely much more
  • (4/18/20) 
    • ,
    • Testing in Scotland and Finland indicates lower IFR than Denmark, but more testing needed

High mild or asymptomatic rates

    • If this is confirmed "What the hell are we locking down for?"

Other testing/analysis

    • study
  • DHS Study: COVID struggles against higher temperatures, light, higher humidity (i.e. summer)
    killed within 2 minutes on surfaces, 1.5 seconds in air in warm climates
  • : COVID death risk rates correspond to regular death risk rates
    • Just 14% tested positive in a closed environment of primarily older people
    • Asymptomatic cases on Diamond Princess were NEARLY 50% of the total
    • Actual study: ; 
  • (pdf )

Disproportionate impact on the elderly, those with co-morbidities

  • CDC data confirms deaths OVERWHELMINGLY in older population, just .12% under 25
  • Shock (not): your health is the biggest risk factor with COVID
  • Nursing homes a MAIN VECTOR of transmission and death
    •  (just .5% of population)
  • NYC Data Confirms COVID targets elderly, those with pre-existing conditions (Grassfire)
    • NYC report  key high risk co-morbidities: Diabetes, Lung Disease, Cancer, Immunodeficiency, Heart Disease, Hypertension, Asthma, Kidney Disease or Liver Disease

Less impact under 65; very little mortality in children

  • Italy: not one child under 10 got virus; ;
      • "COVID-19 is not the flu. Far fewer children are affected by COVID-19, and the number of transmissions from children to children and children to adults is far less."
    • : "The fact that an infected child did not transmit the disease despite close interactions within schools suggests potential different transmission dynamics in children."
  • CDC data confirms deaths OVERWHELMINGLY in older population, just .12% under 25

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